CEO’s Message

We develop semiconductor, LCD, SOLAR, OLED and so on for high-tech industry.

MNEE Co., Ltd., a company founded in October, 2002, develops, manufactures, and mass-produces products like semiconductor, LCD, SOLAR, OLED for high-tech industry. After ten years, we have made our way to becoming the manufacturing company for the best domestic brand ‘NANOPURE’ and the best domestic seal.

 This is a result of putting emphasis on FFKM Blending, which was in its beginning stage in the domestic industry at that time, and developing high-added value products. Also, this is the fruition of differentiating from FKM market-oriented companies, advancing in R&D, and spurring development for competitive products compared to the foreign ones. 

The country’s biggest facilities and best technique.

MNEE Co., Ltd. has secured the country’s biggest facilities by constructing and relocating an office building in Giheung-Gu. With the country’s best talent and technique, we are developing products that apply Nano Technology (NT) and researching on domestically producing semiconductor C&C and various components in the field of OLED.

Now, with the advanced technique and the best quality products that do not fall behind the world’s leading foreign products, we are preparing our second leap towards the world market. With the public confidence built by unit price, quality, and deadline, we promise to repay our customers with various benefits. The whole company will adopt a beginner’s mindset and work harder.

We hope for continued interest and support in MNEE Co., Ltd.

Thank You.

President(CEO) Man-ho Kim


11, Tapsil-ro 58beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea/ TEL 301-201-7000, FAX 031-201-7070