For Semiconduct PECVD and HDPCVD Processes

NANOPURE® HX-5 is a product specially developed for high-temperature processing for semiconductor.
It provides outstanding heat stability especially in high-temperature processing like Oxidation, Diffusion Furnace, LPCVD.
NANOPURE® HX-5 has low outgassing, superb (low) compression restoration rate, and is suitable for both the fixture and drive head due to its mechanical strength that is superb in high temperature.
NANOPURE® HX-5 is usable up to 325°C.

Features & Benefit

  • Outstanding thermal stability
  • Excellent (low) compression set properties
  • Very low outgassing
  • Excellent seal force retention properties

Suggested Applications

  • Quartz tube / Plenum / Chamber / Center ring seals
  • Fittings

Typical Physical Properties

Color Black
Polymer Type Perfluoroelastomer
Hardness1), Shore A 76
Tensile Strength at Break2), MPa 16.2
Elongation at Break3), % 205
100% Modulus4), MPa 7.0
Compression Set5), %
70 hours @ 204℃  
70 hours @ 250℃  
70 hours @ 300℃ 27
70 hours @ 325℃ 43
Maximum Continuous Service,
Temperature, ℃
  1. ASTM D1415 (ISO 48)
  2. ASTM D412 (ISO 37)
  3. ASTM D412 (ISO 37)
  4. ASTM D412 (ISO 37)
  5. ASTM D395 Method B ; (ISO 815)

Thermal resistance of HX-5

1-1. Thermal Resistance Test Method

Compare the degree of Melting after a certain amount of time in a certain temperature using the hot plate

1-2. Thermal Resistance Test Result

Contents NANOPURE® HX-5 Result 타사FFKM Result
300℃ @2 4hrs No Melting Overall surface Melting
320℃ @ 24hrs Contact part Melting Overall carbonization phenomenon

Compression Set

Compression SetConditions : ASTM D395 Method B (AS568A K214 O-Ring test specimens)

Recommended Use of process

Plasma process that requires high heat-resistance


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