For Semiconduct PECVD and HDPCVD Processes

NANOPURE® HP9600 is a specially developed product for semiconductor processing.
NANOPURE® HP9600 is designed to minimize the particle outbreak problem that is caused by low etch rate in an especially severe plasma environment and mechanical damage.
In addition, with superb compression restoration rate and mechanical properties, NANOPURE® HP9600 prolongs a seal’s lifespan and provides high process yield and is suitable for ‘Bonded gate valve seal’.

Features & Benefit

  • Outstanding plasma resistance in highly corrosive flurine environments with minimal sealdegradation
  • Excellent surface resistance for minimal particulation and sealing integrity
  • High purity for minimal contamination risk
  • Minimal compression set at elevated temperatures ensures seal integrity
  • Extended equipment uptime with added reliability in dry applications

Suggested Applications

  • Deposition (CVD, PECVD, HDPCVD, PEALD)
  • Plasma etch (fluorine species)
  • Bonded gate valves / slit valve door seals

Typical Physical Properties

Color Black
Polymer Type Perfluoroelastomer
Hardness1), Shore A 78
Tensile Strength at Break2), MPa 20.9
Elongation at Break3), % 185
100% Modulus4), MPa 6.8
Compression Set5), %
70 hours @ 204℃ 14
70 hours @ 250℃ 30
70 hours @ 300℃  
70 hours @ 325℃  
Maximum Continuous Service,
Temperature, ℃
  1. ASTM D1415 (ISO 48)
  2. ASTM D412 (ISO 37)
  3. ASTM D412 (ISO 37)
  4. ASTM D412 (ISO 37)
  5. ASTM D395 Method B ; (ISO 815)

Recommended Use of process

free from an alien substance, Optimized heat-resisting and drive process


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